• Recruitment Outsourcing

    Recruitment Outsourcing


    AccuSource prides itself on its flexible engagement models, designed to cater staffing firms for various industry & sizes. With years of expertize in recruiting for wide range of experienced IT professionals, we also specialize in recruiting Non-IT Positions such as Admin, Clerical, Legal, Marketing, Creative, Professional roles.


    Active & Passive candidate sourcing

    Improve your team’s productivity by outsourcing the sourcing activity. Recruiters spends 40-50% of their time in sourcing even with best tools available today. Just send the job to us and we will source candidates, email them on your behalf and keep them ready for your recruiters to screen. AccuSource develops customized sourcing strategy for every job that we get and we source from not just job boards but also from various sources like proprietary database, social media online search and400+ other locations

    Graduates sourcing

    It is a challenge to find recent graduates for your intern hiring program or your Body Shoping practice. AccuSource has mastered the art of finding college graduates and can deliver upto 100+ new candidates every day.

    Direct Client Recruiting

    Our recruiters understand the level screening required for a direct customer and all candidates presented are screened technically before presenting. Our recruiters perform the whole nine yards to screen & qualify a candidates before being presented. Screening process include online test, Skype interviews and Video interviews based on client needs.

    VMS/MSP Recruiting

    A Tailor made process to achieve both higher margin and better scores with the MSP. AccuSource will design a specific process based on the challenges & compliances in the account and will deliver candidates within the agreed turnaround time and quality required. Recruiters use alternate techniques to reach out candidates quickly and qualify them.

    Technical screening

    A panel of technical experts work in the early EST or Late PST hours to conduct technical screening on phone or Video conferencing.